ATMs on the go! Mobile cash machines for everyones benefit…

ATMs on the go! Mobile cash machines for everyones benefit…

Ever been to a festival and ran out of cash on the first day? You’re not the only one (damn those expensive drinks and t-shirts!)… don’t you worry because our mobile cash machines are here for everyone!

Secure Financial Transactions. Any Time, Any Place.

ATMs are praised for their convenience. Need to budget? Include an ATM. Cash only? Get yourself to an ATM… they’re used every day! But what is more inconvenient than having a great time at an event with your friends or with the family to notice all the food vans are cash only?

You’re in the middle of a field, there won’t be a working ATM for miles right? WRONG! We’re now offering our Euronet mobile cash machines in Ireland! With a mobile ATM; campers, festival goers, concert revelers and other event attenders can all have easy access to cash at all times!


Great for business

So many mobile ATMs have been appearing at large and small events in recent years providing attendees with an easy and convenient financial solution to rely on. Sometimes you think you’ve brought enough cash but seeing merch and souvenirs you realise you’re going to need a top up… mobile cash machines allow you to withdraw cash any time, any place!

So if you don’t have an ATM at your event, you’re losing out on all of that business! In addition, customers with easy access tend to spend more money on merch and memento’s they come across because they have the cash in their hands so it’s easier to say yes! Not to mention if your event relies on third-party vendors then you’ll be keeping your vendors happy by giving customers easy access to cash to then spend on the vendors’ products! Everyone wins!

Paying for things at an outdoor event is much quicker and easier done with cash. If customers are paying via cash, your vendors, staff and event organisers do not have to worry so much about card payments bouncing and losing out on money.

Great for customers

Our mobile cash machines give you the comfort you need. You can never be too sure how much cash you need to take when going to an outdoor event like a festival or a circus or the local fair… you might get there thinking you have enough, not realising how much the excursions actually costs!

Money stress is a very common thing and when you’re out for the day or the weekend, even the week, having a nice time you don’t want to be stressing over not having enough for your dinner and having to pay the extra £3 on card transaction. We’ve got you covered, we’re here to ease your money stress! Look out for the nearest Mobile ATM and feel your worries melt away.

For more ways to mitigate your money stress just check out this blog!

Safety and weather conditions

Our Mobile cash machines are designed with customer safety as a top priority. They contain all sorts of security measures (cameras etc.) and precautions in case the weather turns sour, allowing you to safely withdraw your cash without causing it any sort of water damage.

With many events in Ireland, Euronet’s ATMs on the go will also be attending, so look out for us next time you need access to cash! Euronet ATMs providing Secure Financial Transactions. Any Time, Any Place.

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