How to prepare your store for Valentine’s Day

How to prepare your store for Valentine’s Day

Find out in this blog how to prepare your store for Valentine’s Day.

Finding the perfect gift can be overwhelming, which is why your store has been given the perfect opportunity to provide the best possible service for this special occasion!

Valentine’s day is a day of mixed emotions and all types of relationships and bonds. Whatever the scenario is, customer will be coming to your store to purchase something to show someone appreciation.

Love your store

December and January were busy months with sales rocketing due to Christmas and Resolutions… so why stop there? Why not make February a great month too! Let’s be honest, with Valentine’s day approaching, nobody wants to be that person that forget to pick out a gift. However, if they do leave it till the last minute that gives you more of a chance to provide options!

Can you guess what the 5 most purchased items during this loving holiday are?

  1. Gift Cards: 13%
  2. Jewellery: 17%
  3. Flowers: 24%
  4. Chocolate: 48%
  5. Written Cards: 52%

Above are the standard items you’ll find in most convenience stores, and if you don’t, you should certainly get on board!

If you prefer a more creative route to make your store stand out on this affectionate holiday, then we’ve got some top ideas on how to prepare your store for Valentine’s Day.

Feature Wall

Round up all your Valentine’s day products: teddy bears, flower selections, cards, chocolate, alcohol etc. and group it into one main area. Make it stand out, let people know it’s there, with big red hearts (in case there are a few customers who forgot), that way if you have customers in a rush they’ll know exactly where to go.

Restock Often

There’s nothing worse than getting to the Valentine’s section and all that’s left is some bent flowers and a wonky-eyed teddy bear. It’s so important to make sure you have extra stock and extra staff to make sure the stock is full. If you have a record system you could even check what products your customers bought most this time last year to get a heads up so you know what extra stock to order in!

Don’t forget the gift cards

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift for someone, so some people settle for the easy option. Let’s be honest though… as unromantic as it might be, you can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift voucher!

Outside persuasion

Placing products outside your door is a perfect opportunity to show your customers what you can offer! Get yourself a sign, maybe a hand written chalkboard to let them know what you have instore for their Valentine. Maybe even a rack of cards outside could get your customers talking.

Creative gift ideas

Talk a walk around your store, see if there’s any products you can brand together into a little gift set! For example, a couple candles, some soap or bath fizzers and lotion… viola, you’ve got yourself a spa gift set! Customers tend to look for unique presents for their partners, mums, dads and friends to make an impression, so give them a hand! You could even offer to gift wrap them for an extra pound to make their lives much easier. Trust us, they will remember you the next time they need a gift!

Love your ATM

If you already have an ATM, boy do we have some tips for you this Valentine’s day! If you don’t, stick around and find out how an ATM can benefit your business and your customers.

Top tips on making sure your ATM shares the love with you and your customers:

  • Give the ATM space to breath – make sure the space around the cash machine is clear and free from clutter because a visible ATM is a used ATM!
  • Make your ATM sparkle with a regular clean. Antibacterial wipes should be used and don’t forgot to clean the keypad as well! A clean ATM tells your customers that it’s looked after!
  • Don’t let the ATM become a wallflower! Share the love with your customers and promote the ATM service, because promoting the ATM will boost your profits!
  • Make sure the ATM is filled every day. By doing this you are offering your customers a regular service that they can rely on! And don’t forget…. more often than not they’ll go on to spend in store.

For those who don’t have an ATM, yet… read up on how an ATM could really benefit you, you won’t be disappointed! For more information please follow our Twitter feed.

If you’re already interested in adding a cash machine to your business, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to book an appointment for you to meet one of our team. Good luck with Valentine’s day 2019!

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