How to save money as a student!

How to save money as a student!

It’s a well-known fact that students are not the richest members of our society. Books, student accommodation and, (of course) student nightlife, are not the cheapest things in the world. And if you’re starting university straight from school, it’s unlikely that anyone will have ever taught you how to save money as a student.

So, how can you save some cash without living off beans on toast and tap water? We’ve got some suggestions; a few tips and tricks that could really help you put some money aside for post-student life.

Smarter food shopping:

Do you do your weekly shop but then also find yourself popping to the mini supermarket around the corner a couple of evenings a week, when you realise that you don’t have what you fancy in the cupboards? Or that you forgot the vital ingredient that’s going to make your spaghetti bolognese one of legend, which your housemates will rave about for weeks to come? Changing the way you do your food shopping is a key part of how to save money as a student.

Meal planning is your friend. Plan the breakfasts, lunches and dinners that you’re going to enjoy during the week and stick to that plan. Buy the ingredients you need and enjoy cooking in the knowledge that you have everything prepared, and won’t have to make a last minute dash to Sainsbury’s in your pyjamas for the tin of chopped tomatoes that you forgot.

Maybe try the new ‘wonky veg’ boxes available in the supermarkets; the food tastes the same and will last just as long, but costs a fraction of your usual bag of carrots.

And of course, if you haven’t already, switch to the supermarket own brands wherever possible. They’re cheaper, which is an obvious bonus when trying to save money as a student, and they taste just as good.

Budget, budget, budget:

Budgeting can seem like a tedious task, but it is always helpful when you’re trying to save money. You can create a weekly, fortnightly, or even a monthly budget, whichever works best for you. Just make sure you stick to it as best you can.

Think about what you spend your money on; determine what you spend too much money on, and how you could avoid that to save rather than splurge your cash. Writing out all of your expenses, and the realisation that you spent more on cocktails than food last week, might just be the wake-up call you need!

Nights in:

It’s pretty common knowledge that regular nights on the town are an integral part of student life, but they’re not too conducive when it comes to how to save money as a student. Clubs, pubs and bars are pricey, so swapping a night out for a night in every once in a while can go a long way to keeping some extra cash in your pocket. Get your friends together, buy your drinks (if you want them) from the local supermarket and cook your meal at home, stick on a movie and have a laugh. Just because you’re trying to save some money doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun!

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