Our best low-cost ideas for a date!

Our best low-cost ideas for a date!

We all know that having a social life can put a dent in your bank account…

Hanging out with friends or even going on a date could be costly, but does it have to be? Even with a first date you can come up with some creative cheap ideas that won’t make you look cheap!

When you go out with a person you want to have fun, you want them to get to know the real you! You don’t have to spend all your savings on a cliche fancy 5* restaurant… suggest a cheaper fun activity like crazy golf for example, you’re in a more comfortable environment, having fun, you’ll get to know the other person much better!

Your imagination and effort will surely impress the other person.

Check out our list of low-cost ideas for a date:

Romantic dinner at home

We’d suggest only doing this maybe on the third date! But you have two options with this… either you could surprise them with a delicious dinner in which you prepared yourself. Or, you could suggest preparing it together (with an idea of what to cook), this could be a fun way to bond.

A sunset picnic

Sunsets are always pretty and wherever you go a sunset sets the romantic mood. We’d suggest somewhere rural, maybe on a hill where it will stand out and can be accompanied by a stunning landscape. Take yourself a picnic, a couple blankets and maybe some wine to share and voila you’ve got yourself a perfect date!

If you then decide to stay later you’ll be joined by the stars… what’s more romantic than that?

Visit a museum / monumental place

You can always find free museums or exhibitions that you can attend without spending money. Even just a touristy day in a popular town doesn’t have to cost you anything and it’s definitely a way to spend quality time together, out of your comfort zones!

Outside activities

You could go for a bike ride, enjoy a city (on pay-bikes) or the countryside, it gets you out of the house! Even taking a walk in a park could be a nice way to spend time with someone.

As a bonus we suggest, if you have a Polaroid camera to take it with you and take photos. This will remind you of the positive date you just had and it could also be the first of many captured memories together if all goes well! Remember that you don’t need to spend a fortune to show someone you care, actions are everything!

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