Money problems and how to mitigate the financial stress!

Money problems and how to mitigate the financial stress!

One of the main causes of stress is down to money problems. Some things just don’t go the way you want them to and it doesn’t really matter how hard we push, we just can’t make ends meet.

And as if money problems are not enough, because of it, you can’t get a good night’s sleep either. There’s just expenses and bills everywhere! There are a few different ways to help control this kind of stress. The one we consider the secret sauce is living a lifestyle where expenses are controlled by cash payments. And yes, it’s easy!

How to organise your money

Even as children, our parents have tried to subtly teach us about the value of money; what we have and can have. But as you grow, you start to realise that you need to be able to take control of your own finances. Knowing how to manage your money monthly can be a habit that is achieved step by step.

So, to start reducing this kind of stress, you have to avoid:

  • Making purchases with credit/debit cards. These are the worst! You use the card again and again and suddenly at the end of the month you realise that you have spent more than you have available.
  • Avoid impulsive purchases. You enter a store with a plan (a list of things you have to buy) and then you end up buying half the store! There are so many items in your trolley you didn’t need, it’s just your ‘eyes are bigger than your belly’. These small, individual purchases may seem innocent at first but just remember that they all add up!

You need to know what your limit is, or better off yet, you need to set yourself a limit. There’s always a chance that you could have an emergency and the expenses are not cheap! Or how about, fulfilling dreams (travel, cars, house,h children etc.). We all have goals and we all have dreams… which makes it even more important to begin saving. Unfortunately nothing is cheap now a days.

Cash is one of the best allies, helping you to lead a healthy and stress-free financial lifestyle.

Budgeting in it’s simplest form

It’s simple, set yourself a weekly budget on what you’re allowed to spend. Taking the amount you earn after tax, subtract the fixed expenses (rent of the house, water bills, electricity bills etc.). Then, make a list of what you think you purchase each week, including the prices (food, clothing etc.). Then to round it all up, construct a budget using that list. Once you’re happy you can start visiting an ATM each week and withdrawing the set allowance you have given yourself. We find that keeping a diary will help you to stay motivated and aware of exactly how much you have taken out to avoid any confusion!

If you haven’t used all of your budget at the end of the week, put it into your savings account!

Subtracting your budgeted allowance, the remaining amount, left in your account should be divided into a percentage for your savings and a percentage for an emergency reserve and the dreams fund.

Trust us when we say that organising and managing your expenses will make life a lot easier and it’s not over-complicated, is it? Now you’ve got your weeks planned out, get yourself to an ATM… but remember to always take those precautions when you’re withdrawing cash! To learn about ways to stay safe at an ATM just check out this blog. Good luck!

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