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August 24, 2023

Pivoting the Kiosk Business Model in Spain

Did you know kiosks are changing in Spain? Over the past few years Newspaper Kiosks in Spain recorded a rapid decline in the sales of printed press. As a result…
By Panagiota Kaltsa
ATMs / business / cash / collection points / electric charger / innovation / Payments / SDGs / smart city
April 11, 2018

Staying safe at the ATM – what to watch out for

When withdrawing money, you should ensure the transaction is done safely by being aware of  the dangers. So how do you ensure your cash is safe at the ATM? Most…
By Panagiota Kaltsa
ATMs / Cash Machines / Fraud / safe / skimming
April 4, 2018

Issues withdrawing cash?

If you've had some trouble or issues withdrawing cash, there are procedures to help you out! Unfortunately, like humans, machines can sometimes make mistakes. That means on rare occasions, an…
By Panagiota Kaltsa
atm issues / ATMs / issues withdrawing cash / Withdrawing cash
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