Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash: ATM Revolution with Apple!

Have you ever thought about taking money without using any card or not having to be aware of a text message on your phone to put a code and withdraw cash? Apple Pay Cash will surprise you!

The technology advances more and more, and some banks surprise us with the implementation of a simpler service even than the “Contactless” or the one used by banks like ING Direct with the “Hal Cash” method where they send you a code to your phone number to withdraw cash (being a client of ING Direct sure!).

The new method to withdraw money from the ATM safely will benefit Apple users, which, increasingly, are many more every day in the world. Apple, is increasing and generating new ideas becoming a global benchmark for all companies.

The payment method known as Apple Pay is one of the new payment methods most used in stores because of its ease of use and the security that it transmits. And now, “Apple Pay Cash” is already available in some ATMs in the United States of banks that collaborate with the company.  It has already been launched in the United States and you can use it in more than 5,000 ATMs. Just using your Iphone or Apple Watch you can withdraw cash from ATMs.

It is a great initiative that increases security when it comes to withdrawing money, since you do not have to take any card out of your wallet and you will not have to protect yourself by typing any PIN to be able to perform the operation. Only authorize the operation from one of the previously named devices. All is easier now! That’s all!

This great progress for Apple goes further, trying to implement these simple and safe payment methods in areas such as gas stations (where you pay directly with your device on the same machine), parking meters, local shops, restaurants, payments on the bus or metro … etc.

Welcome to a more advanced step in technology and ATMs! How about? Do you think you would use it? Let us know!

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