5 mistakes you might be making when using a cash machine!

5 mistakes you might be making when using a cash machine!

Stay safe at a cash machine with these 5 tips.

Even with technology evolving, everyone uses ATMs, they’re quick and convenient. However, there are several mistakes you may be making when using an ATM. So we’re going to teach you about how to stay safe at a cash machine!

There’s always a chance of crime when money is involved, but that shouldn’t stop you from using a cash machine out of fear! Instead, simply take a few sensible precautions to stay safe at a cash machine and don’t take risks.

Check surroundings

If you’re in an area where you don’t exactly feel safe, follow your gut! Be sensible when using an ATM. Try avoid taking any cash out of a machine really late at night unless you’re in a busy area. We’d advise to stay away from ATMs that you see down a lonesome dark alley or areas that don’t have any security measures.

Be AWARE of your surroundings at all times to stay safe at a cash machine.

Inspect ATM

If you’re feeling uneasy about withdrawing cash from a particular ATM area then how about knowing how to safe-proof your service?

To check for skimming devices there are three specific inspection measures you can take to stay safe at a cash machine:

  • Try to move the pin keyboard – by doing this you can check if it’s part of the ATM or if it’s loose…
  • Also, try to move the plastic section that surrounds the slot for your bank card.
  • ALWAYS keep your pin covered by putting your hand over the keypad when typing – this will protect your pin from prying eyes or possible criminal camera devices that might be lurking around.

If you spot something that’s not quite right, notify the bank or the person of the ATM. You can always find a customer service number on the ATM in case something happens or you see something suspicious.

Shield your pin

Even if there isn’t anyone behind you, (you can never be too sure) it’s still a good idea to cover your pad when entering your pin number to stay safe at a cash machine. Believe it or not, next-level criminals may set up cameras near the ATM just for capturing pin numbers as customers enter them. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your money.

Keep your receipt

Computers CAN make mistakes and your ATM receipt is proof of your transaction, just in case there’s an error which needs disputing. You’d also be surprised what a criminal can do with the information on your receipt, like your name or account number. It’s best to keep your receipts and shred them once the withdrawal is settled.

Keep track of your withdrawals

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t keep track of the money they’ve withdrawn from an ATM.

Sometimes you may be in the midst of a dispensing issue. Nothings perfect, especially not machinery, but don’t panic! It’s easy to place the blame when this happens but STOP and think before you react!

As an ATM provider ourselves we’d like to ask that if you do have trouble at one of our ATMs, you don’t go branding it all over social media. We understand how frustrating it is but we are here 365 days a year to make sure you, as our customers are satisfied and we WILL answer your questions as quick as possible if you ask.

Most of the time it isn’t an issue with the actual ATM but is an issue with your bank or someone that has tampered with the cash machine. So please ASK us directly rather than advertising the blame over a public domain. WE ARE NOT THE CRIMINAL!

Of course, it’s always better to prevent than to cure. Do not become too paranoid since some of the ATM machines have new technologies installed. For example, our Euronet ATMs have recently installed barcode readers onto our ATMs (which look a little like cameras!) to allow contactless withdrawals with your mobile phone.

Moral of the story, if you’re not sure, ask someone!

Issues withdrawing cash? Don’t panic! Here are the best steps to take in this blog. Follow our Twitter feed for more top tips.

Stay safe! It’s worth doing your research to stay safe at a cash machine! Feel free to contact us if you’d like further guidance! If you would like more information on how to handle a withdrawal issue visit our blog for advice or our FAQs page.

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