Cash & Balance Service at Euronet ATMs

Cash & Balance Service at Euronet ATMs

Euronet offers a combined Cash&Balance function at the ATM to increase customer satisfaction.  The service has recently received unsubstantiated criticism in the social media space by a “known” blogger, active in a specific country, spreading false statements and misinformation to consumers. The purpose of this blog is to restore the truth and provide the real facts and details of this service. Euronet always makes sure that consumers and businesses are aware of all facts in full transparency, fully compliant with international and national regulations.   

The combined Cash&Balance service offers convenience and informs the customer of their account balance with their Cash Withdrawal.  In addition to the Cash&Balance service, the ATM also offers the Cash Withdrawal-only option, as well as the Balance Inquiry-only option for those who wish to select them. Moreover, depending on the country of operation more functions exist. The screen flow organizes the functions in an easy-to-use manner with clear messaging to allow the user to select the desired option quickly and conveniently.

Euronet does not charge the customer for the Balance Inquiry service. Euronet is not in a position to know the charging policies and fees applied by the customer’s Bank nor if the customer’s Bank supports the Balance Inquiry function at the ATM.  Such Balance enquiry fees (if applied)  are always set and charged by the customer’s bank. Euronet has no influence on the level of these fees and banks do not share these fees with third parties. Euronet’s relationship with the banks is only mediated through the card schemes, on whose terms the company is fully dependent and with whose regulations the company is fully compliant.

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