Pivoting the Kiosk Business Model in Spain

Pivoting the Kiosk Business Model in Spain

Did you know kiosks are changing in Spain?

Over the past few years Newspaper Kiosks in Spain recorded a rapid decline in the sales of printed press. As a result many kiosks went out of business, leaving no option to the remaining ones but to reinvent themselves. To prevent the demise of kiosks, the Urban Service Point – USP and AVPPM- Asociación de Vendedores Profesionales de Prensa de Madrid have joined forces to incorporate new functionalities that position the kiosk as a point of service to the citizen.

This transformation aligns with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and rests on three pillars:

  1. Adding Euronet ATMs in kiosks to reinforce cash access and respond to the closure of bank branches, which is negatively affecting the local communities.
  2. Installing collection points for online deliveries to minimize the impact of parcel distribution on traffic congestion and CO2 emissions.
  3. Introducing chargers for electric vehicles to encourage their use and make charging accessible.

These additional services aim to ensure the continuity of press distribution through the kiosks, safeguard the kiosk owners’ economic viability via new income sources (i.e. collection points), and provide solutions to municipal challenges ( lack of cash access points and recharging hubs).

Euronet is looking forward to the replication of this model elsewhere, and to continue to play an integral part in the transformation of Smart Cities!

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