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August 24, 2023

Pivoting the Kiosk Business Model in Spain

Did you know kiosks are changing in Spain? Over the past few years Newspaper Kiosks in Spain recorded a rapid decline in the sales of printed press. As a result…
By Panagiota Kaltsa
ATMs / business / cash / collection points / electric charger / innovation / Payments / SDGs / smart city
July 18, 2022

Shopping Abroad – Tax-Free Claim Back

With the world opening up after a 2-year hiatus and costs becoming more and more challenging, a holiday away is probably at the forefront of most people’s minds, but how…
By Panagiota Kaltsa
Innova Tax Free / Shopping abroad / Tax free / Tax-Free Claim Back
August 17, 2021

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) – do the fees outweigh the value?

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), in Layman’s terms is a service that provides visibility on the amount being paid or withdrawn in the card holders own home currency. For e.g, if you…
By Panagiota Kaltsa
ATM / Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) / Fees
April 8, 2021

“The ATM didn’t give me my money!”

Have you ever thought to yourself “The ATM didn’t give me my money!”? Today we'll be talking about the who, what, why of cash dispense issues. Picture this - you’re…
By Panagiota Kaltsa
atm issues / cash withdrawal / Euronet are scammers / Euronet ATMs / issues withdrawing cash
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