Differences between an independent ATMs and a Bank ATM

Differences between an independent ATMs and a Bank ATM

A lot of people, to withdraw cash, go straight to their own banks ATM, but what if there isn’t one near you? Euronet now offers ATM services for everyone, wherever you are. If you’re an independent ATM provider, owner of a store or supermarket, hotels, restaurants, clubs … etc YourCash can provide you with a trustworthy ATM to offer your customers an additional service. So, we are going to show yopu which are the differences between an independent ATM and a bank ATM.

Imagine you’re walking down the street and need some cash. You look around to check if your bank is nearby, there it is up the street but there’s a long queue of people waiting and you’re in a hurry. Fortunately, to the right of you there is a supermarket with an independent ATM and there’s only one person!

What would you decide? Go to your bank and wait or withdraw money at the independent ATM?

Some people prefer to go to their bank, but what’s the difference? The independent ATM allows you to withdraw cash right?

So below, we’re going to explain the similarities and differences between that independent ATM and the Bank ATM.


  • Both are ATMs have a screen, buttons and a keyboard (we already know that as it’s obvious!). There may be small differences in size but we all know that ATMs are created by a select group of manufacturers. So, no big difference in the structure!
  • Both are available to everyone. The problem is when the cash machine closest to you is not operated by your bank. If you withdraw cash from a bank ATM that you are not client with, they charge commissions. So sometimes people feel restrictive in what ATM they can use. However, independent ATMs (at least the Euronet ones) will give you some options!
  • Your card can be used in both of them. So, unless you have a very unusual bank provider, everything will be all right!
  • All ATMs are safe. Banks must follow standards rules to ensure that all withdrawals and transactions are safe. And obviously, these standards rules are the same for independent ATMs because they run the same s the bank ATMs.

 Now let’s take a look at the differences:

Okay, it’s not that we’re keeping the differences a secret, just simply, there is none!

So now you’ve heard the similarities and differences… we’ll ask you the question again. Which ATM would you choose to go to for NOW?

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